Arizona Archery Enterprises, the innovative leader in arrow making components and shooting aids, now introduces a stabilizer for the Western Bowhunters.  Western and hardcore bowhunters know the importance of a perfectly tuned and balanced bow for better shot grouping at longer ranges.  AAE’s new Western Hunter Stabilizer offers the perfect balance and exact tune configuration for bowhunters who are looking for consistently tight arrow groups when shooting broadheads.

The new Western Hunter Stabilizer provides bowhunters with the maximum stabilization for their bows.  The Western Hunter Stabilizer unit comes with two 8” carbon rods, and 5 ounces of adjustable weights in one ounce increments.  The carbon rods are mounted to the bow on an aircraft grade aluminum mounting bracket with one rod facing forward and the second rod slightly angled downward and back.  The system allows for a more consistent balance at full draw.  The angled rod helps to hold the bow perfectly vertical at full draw, and keeps the bow vertical at the shot with the help of the included weights.  The Western Hunter Stabilizers rods also incorporate an anti-vibration ball in each rod, eliminating any vibration and insuring a dead, no-vibration shot.  Look for the complete Western Hunter Stabilizer configuration at a local AAE Pro Shop dealer.

For more on Arizona Archery Enterprise’s new Western Hunter Stabilizer or for more information on AAE’s complete line of precision arrow rests, their new Pro-Max or Max-Hunter vanes and their advanced formulated adhesives, please visit them at or follow them on Twitter.

Image courtesy Arizona Archery Enterprises

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