Bear Archery has raised the bar yet again with the introduction of 9 new bows, setting the stage as the brands largest new product launch.

Agenda 6

The Headliner this year is the all new Agenda 6 with an IBO speed rating of 350 fps making it among the fastest bows on the market today. Agenda 6 features a 32” axle to axle length, complete with a 6” brace height, new Bear Hinge Guard, rubber riser inserts and the Bear Synchronized H13 Hybrid Cams.

Agenda 7

Rounding out the Agenda series is the Agenda 7, which comes with a forgiving 7” brace height, 32” axle to axle length, new Bear Hinge Guard, rubber riser inserts and powered by the Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System that will send arrows screaming down the range at 340 fps.


Adding to the arsenal is the ultra-smooth Bear Venue featuring the new Bear Hinge Guard, rubber riser inserts and the super-fast S13 Single Cam System. The all new Bear Venue has a 32” axle to axle length; 7” brace height and 330 FPS speed rating giving the archer a comfortable, smooth draw cycle while delivering scorching speeds.

Anarchy HC

Bear has always believed in listening to the customer, which is exactly why you will find the Anarchy HC in the lineup this year, featuring the all new Bear Synchronized Hybrid A-Cams, 4X4 Roller guard and a 35 ½” axle to axle length partnered with a forgiving 7 3/8” brace height gives this bow a hunting personality with a target bow feel. The Anarchy HC has a speed rating of 330 fps.


The all new Rumor is a high-end, high performance bow designed especially for women. The bow has a mass weight of only 3.6 lbs., an easy to handle 30 ¼” brace height coupled with the all new Bear Synchronized FH2 Cams to optimize every inch of draw length and give this bow an incredible 300 fps speed rating, plus the honor of being named the official bow of Realtree Girl.

The Agenda 6 Commercial:

Visit to see the complete new lineup of bows.

Logo and Video courtesy Bear Archery

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