In Episode #80 of BHK Outdoor Radio L.T. and Dan talk to Bob H. Lee, author of Backcountry Lawman.

L.T. and Dan welcome back Bob H. Lee. Bob is a retired Florida game warden. He shares his experiences in his book Backcountry Lawman. He relates stories of survival in his book and shares a few with L.T. and Dan. One occurs at midnight in a swamp where his saving grace is a gas can. He shares the story in his book and on the radio show, and it is not to be missed!

During his career Bob H. Lee was involved in many search and rescue cases both in the woods and on the water. He says that a lot of the cases could have been avoided if the person had two important items. Those items are a compass and a flashlight. These two items could have gotten them out of the woods and back to their groups.

In his book a chapter called survival notes details simple mistakes that can make a big difference in safety and survival. He shares stories that illustrate these points. He points out that survival is different in different areas. They face different challenges in Florida than someone would in Ohio, for example. Bob shares his advice to always leave a plan before you head out. Whether it be a float plan for a fishing trip or a hunting trip plan, it is important to let other know where you will be. Leave the plan with a friend or family member with when and where you will go and when they should expect you back. This will give law enforcement somewhere to start if something goes wrong.

Bob H. Lee will have an upcoming tracking article in Self Reliance Illustrated. To learn more about him, his book, or to attend one of his seminars visit You can also find his book, Backcountry Lawman, on Amazon.

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