The government is in shutdown so where do bills that effect sportsmen stand? Jim and Trav will talk with John Haughey about the 9 new bills that sportsmen and women need to watch for this fall, the 2013 Farm Bill, The Dirty Politics of Deer with Scott Bestul, the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, the  Starbucks Gun Fiasco, The Hunt Act and much more. It’s outdoor legislation this week, tune in!

How Dirty Politics Control Deer  – Scott Bestul –

Wildlife policy is designed to be based on science. Biologists utilize hunters in their efforts to manage deer properly, however politics has interfered in this process and is disturbing the balance. Outdoor writer Scott Bestul sounds off this week about the dirty politics that are controlling deer management. He talks about where the system if failing, who is controlling the strings  and why outdoorsmen should make themselves heard.

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty  – David Codrea –

It’s hard to keep track of all the chaos happening at the federal level the last few weeks, however one that thing didn’t get lost in mix was the signing of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty by Secretary of State John Kerry.  What does this mean for the 2nd Amendment? National Gun Rights Examiner, David Codrea joins Jim and Trav to determine what effect this will have, he’ll also sound off the Starbucks gun request fiasco.

Outdoor Legislation – John Haughey –

The government is in shutdown and that means other pending legislation is being held up as well. When congress finally gets their issues ironed out, find out about 9 bills that will be debated this fall that sportsmen should be watching for. John Haughey a blogger for Outdoor Life joins Jim and Trav to talk in detail about why these bills are important to you.

Farm Bill 2013 – Conservation Funding –

The 2013 U.S. Farm Bill, already a year behind schedule is a very  slow moving piece of legislation, but disputes over the  budget and the national debt are not going to speed up the process. Dave Nomsen from Pheasants Forever fills us in on where the 2013 Farm Bill stands and what is going to happen to crucial funding for important conservation programs.

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