Built specifically for waterfowl hunters

Hard Core Brands, who is quickly becoming the dominant player in the waterfowl industry announces their new Deluxe Wader Bag. The new Deluxe Wader is a feature-packed bag designed specifically for waterfowl hunters.

The Deluxe Wader Bag features a waterproof pocket on the outside of the bag to accommodate a spare pair of socks, underwear and t-shirt for those unexpected times, when there is nothing worse, than going in water over your waders and coming back to your truck and having nothing dry to put on. The other obstacle that waterfowl hunters have to overcome is getting out of their waders and into their dry shoes without getting their socks wet or muddy in the process. Hard Core answers this with their new 5mm Neoprene Mat that is hidden in a zippered pocket on the bottom of the bag. Simply unzip the backside of the bottom of the bag to remove the mat, unfold it, step into the wader bag with waders on then take off the waders in the bag, stepping out on the nice, dry neoprene mat where hunters can put their dry travel shoes on. The features don’t stop there. The Deluxe Wader Bag also incorporates a two-inch mesh rain hood that allows air to flow through the bag to dry your waders and keep them from developing mold and mildew and avoid smelling. The Deluxe Wader Bag is airline approved.

A video of the Deluxe Wader Bag can be seen below:

Image courtesy Hard Core Brands

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