Self Reliance Illustrated has compiled each of Dave Canterbury’s articles from the premiere issue through issue 6 into a new anthology. Dave shares his expertise on what to carry in your pack to how to purify your water and more. This anthology is the fifth that Self Reliance Illustrated has released. It comes in a PDF version. The articles included are Survival or Self-Reliance, To Boil or Not to Boil, What’s in My Pack: The Five C’s of Survivability, What’s in My Pack Part 2, and Owning Our Skills. Join Dave Canterbury on his journey in this new anthology. He shares his expertise in these informative articles accompanied by full color photos.

Dave Canterbury is the owner of The Pathfinder School, LLC. He is a devoted woodsman and hunter, a military veteran, and survivalist working individuals to pass on the tribal knowledge and to help them own their skills. Dave is also one of the co-founders of Self Reliance Illustrated.

For more information on the anthology visit:—compilations.html

Image courtesy Self Reliance Illustrated

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