Point Blank Game Calls, the manufacturer of serious game calls, is producing a new deer call and grunt tube.  The Pile Driver is just one call in Point Blank’s arsenal of fine calls.  The new Pile Driver’s distinct, sharp sounds have been designed specifically for blacktail deer, mule deer and whitetail deer.  Throughout Point Blank’s nationwide field testing of the Pile Driver, it was found that the call worked most effectively during pre-rut and the rutting period.

The new Pile Driver delivers six distinctly different sounds simply by moving an O-ring into notches on the reed’s passage.  The sounds range from deep creaky grunts to the soft bleats of a doe that will get any buck’s attention.  The Pile Driver is designed for productive soft and loud grunts by blowing or inhaling.  The easy to use Pile Driver promises to get neighboring bucks to respond when other calls have failed.  Willy Rogers, President of Point Blank calls says,” the Pile Driver was designed to be simple to use and the most effective grunt call in the field.”  The Pile Driver comes with a lanyard and resonating flexible grunt tube.

For more information on Point Blank’s Pile Driver, to view their instructional video on simple ways to use the Pile Driver or to know more about Point Blank’s other natural sounding game calls, visit them at, www.pointblankcalls.com

Image courtesy Point Blank Game Calls

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