Officer Survival Initiative (OSI), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality, innovative medical solutions for high risk and tactical environments is introducing the MASCAL Mass Casualty Response Kit.

MASCAL is designed to put the right tools in the right place to allow first responders to immediately address life threats during a mass casualty event. Built around primary causes of death and disability, as well as viable interventions by non-medical personnel in a high stress environment, the MASCAL builds on OSI’s reputation of research- and experience-based solutions to put the tools to save lives in the hands of early responders.

Designed to be light weight and easily man-packable, the MASCAL can be deployed in multiple ways:

  • Mobile resources (patrol cars, APC’s, fire/EMS resources)
  • Fixed locations (malls, hotels, schools, high risk facilities, hospitals),
  • Pre-positioned prior to high risk events, such as concerts or political conventions.

With the addition of an IED configuration, the MASCAL is one of the only kits on the market specifically designed for responses to large terrorist events including primary, secondary, and tertiary blast injuries, as well as the results of potential follow up attacks.

Each MASCAL is designed to treat 30 individuals. The MASCAL is currently available in Black, Coyote, ACU, or Multicam. As with all of our kits, the MASCAL can be customized to fit your specific needs.

MASCAL-Standard Configuration MSRP: $845
MASCAL-IED Configuration MSRP: $1,165

OSI continues to expand its product line and is excited to showcase MASCAL at the IACP Conference this week. Visit OSI at their IACP booth 3553. For more information about MASCAl visit

Image courtesy Officer Survival Initiative

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