The new WorkStar 2030 Hunter’s Floodlight represents a step into a new market for the company. Up until now, WorkStar products have been designed and manufactured for use by industrial and automotive technicians and tradesmen. The design features such as a moveable, directional light head and a choice between magnets or a retractable hook for mounting the light appeal to technicians who use this type of inspection light on a daily basis. The Hunter’s Floodlight is identical to the company’s original technician’s inspection light, except that the body has been coated with a Realtree  camouflage coating. All Maxxeon products use LEDs as the lighting sources which have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

A critical element of the light’s design is the beam pattern architecture that is common to all Maxxeon lighting tools. In contrast to most flashlight beam patterns, the wide-angle, floodlight-style beam pattern produced by the Maxxeon light has been designed to be completely uniform and free from the dark spots or hot spots. This clear beam pattern is achieved using an intense white light, and results in the user being able to see clearly, and easily distinguish features and colors within the beam range. This ability to see the field of view clearly and precisely is an obvious advantage when moving about in low light situations.

The Maxxeon Hunter’s Floodlight is also available in a red and black high impact plastic body and an imitation carbon fiber coated body and can be found at outfitters and industrial supply stores. For more information visit the website.

Image courtesy Maxxeon Inc.

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