Weatherby now offers a Makemholler limited edition turkey box call through its online store at Special touches include a chain-linked Weatherby “W” and the Weatherby name in mahogany inlay on the top, with the number and year engraved inside of the call.

“Dan Demay of Makemholler has made a unique, high-quality turkey call for sale through the Weatherby store,” said Mike Schwiebert, director of marketing for Weatherby, Inc. “We are proud to carry this handcrafted product as a way of supporting turkey hunters around the country.”

Demay commented, “Our goal with any turkey call is to create an heirloom, something of high enough quality as to connect it with loved ones and memories. This heirloom quality is so well connected to the Weatherby name that we could hardly believe the opportunity to create a call with the Weatherby team.”

Made with multiple species of wood, this adjustable-top turkey call allows the operator to get many different sounds from one box. Makemholler’s Resonator, a vibrating disk, adds rasp to the sound of the call as it vibrates.

In addition to mahogany, wood species include walnut and osage orange. The walnut was milled from trees off the Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson. The trees date back to the 1820s when Jackson was in office. Osage orange is an extremely hard, weather-resistant wood that gets even harder and denser as it lays and naturally cures.

Other key features of the call:

  • Walnut top is very straight grained and permits even friction across the sides. A bead of osage added to the top shows off the brilliant yellow wood that contrasts with the dark walnut.
  • Dean Allison Designs designed and cut both the Resonator and the custom-gnarled adjustment bolt by hand.
  • Base of the call is beaded to match the top and sports a grain of walnut that cascades like a waterfall.
  • The call’s sides create the sound. The mahogany side is thicker for lower tone, with flat-sawn grain (running side to side) to create longer sound waves, giving the call reach. The osage side is much harder and is quarter sawn (the grain is top to bottom). This produces considerable treble and rasp. Both sides are hand-stippled and floated (not attached) to the base to prevent it from restricting the vibration of the sides.

“Coupled with the additional rasp of the Resonator, these features make a call that sounds like a mature hen with something to say,” Demay noted. “This call can be very loud to penetrate the wind or purr very soft to entice an incoming tom.”

The Makemholler limited edition turkey box call is priced at $159. For more information, visit the Weatherby store at

Image courtesy Weatherby

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