Many years ago, guides along the coast of Texas discovered a new tangle-free way to rig their decoys for shallow waters. They used heavy monofilament lines and electrical wire splicing crimps to create a way to deploy and pick up decoys without the need for wrapping lines around the decoys. Greenhead Gear now introduces their version of this system, the QuickRig Anchor Kit. This premium kit utilizes 400 lb. test monofilament, egg shaped weights, copper line sleeves, and a floating carabineer to clamp it together during transport. Perfect for water depths up to 40″, the kit can be purchased in 4-oz or 6-oz versions. Carrying a suggested retail of $29.99 in 4-oz and $34.99 in 6-oz, these rigs can be found at your favorite Greenhead Gear dealer.

• Monofilament lines will never tangle
• Duck Egg weights
• 5″ floating carabiner
• Copper line sleeves
• 4-oz or 6-oz

Logo courtesy Greenhead Gear/ Avery Outdoors

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