A must-have for pheasant hunting trips, the Pheasants Forever-logoed Mud River Dog Handler’s Bag is simply the best bird dog training bag on the market. The original deal was for 15 percent off, but one of our office dogs accidently bumped the calculator so you save 16 percent – a full $7 off – when you purchase the ideal dog handler’s bag today from the Pheasants Forever store.

This Dog Handler’s bag is perfect for carrying your dog’s training gear, first aid supplies and other dog-related necessities, whether it’s a training trip just up the road or your yearly rooster road trip to the Dakotas. It’s also designed to stay open while in use for easy removal of items (just don’t test this handy feature with too many easily-accessible dog biscuits).

When you purchase the Mud River Dog Handler’s Bag from Pheasants Forever, you’ll also notice our logo. That big rooster will surely contribute to your pup’s birdy-ness, but you’ll also be contributing to Pheasants Forever’s wildlife habitat conservation efforts. That’s because when you purchase your upland hunting gear and apparel from PF, you’re supporting a charitable organization that puts 92 cents of every dollar it receives into its upland conservation mission. Your pup doesn’t get this math, so support grassland habitat with your purchase and we’ll put it into scent he can understand.

Thanks for shopping with and supporting Pheasants Forever.

Image courtesy Pheasants Forever

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