Once again outdoorsman Joe Lunkas is right on target. He wrote his three-book series to prepare the next generation – as well as outdoor lovers of all ages – to have the self-reliance, deep appreciation, respect, the love of nature and its wild inhabitants that he has enjoyed over the past 50-plus years.

This last book of his trilogy on hunting and the great outdoors features some of the many Lessons Learned and some of the wonderful tales he has to tell! Fifty Years of Memorable Hunting Experiences: Lessons Learned of a Michigan Outdoorsman starts with small game hunting, progresses through upland bird hunting, waterfowl and deer hunting, and culminates with sage advice by the veteran nature lover. Each section features unusual and memorable hunt situations, plus valuable lessons, tips, and story postscripts, as well as 36 photo illustrations and captions.

The previous books in the series are available in print and e-book formats, and include Fifty Years of Deer-Stand Reflections, A Memoir of a Michigan Master Deer Hunter (2011), and Fifty Years of Gathering, Fishing, and Unusual Animal Encounters: Lessons Learned of a Michigan Outdoorsman (2013). All three books are designed to be read while actually enjoying the outdoors and its rejuvenating solitude. So pack these books along with your other supplies before venturing into the wilderness.

FIFTY YEARS OF MEMORABLE HUNTING EXPERIENCES: LESSONS LEARNED OF A MICHIGAN OUTDOORSMAN (ISBN: 978-1-62857-158-5) is now available for $16.95 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website: http://sbpra.com/JoeLunkas or online at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

WHOLESALERS: This book is distributed by Ingram Books and other wholesale distributors. Contact your representative with the ISBN for purchase. Wholesale purchase for retailers, universities, libraries, and other organizations is also available through the publisher; please email bookorder(at)aeg-online-store(dot)com.

About the Author: Joe Lunkas has spent the majority of his leisure time hunting, fishing, and gathering. “I am confident that I have achieved my lifelong and final objective of capturing via the written word what it really means to be a seasoned outdoorsman, with the realization of the obligations that this entails. Through my books, my long-term goal is to encourage as many young and not-so-young outdoors persons to follow my lead. These are the individuals who will first share, and someday inherit, my great outdoors and ‘steward of the land’ responsibilities.”

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