Are you happy with the state of fisheries management today? How does a regional fisheries management council come up with such decisions, from a complete red snapper closure to an even more ridiculous 3-day season?

Florida anglers who would like to get more answers to some of their nagging questions about fishery management in the Gulf of Mexico are invited to join the Recreational Fishing Alliance’s Florida West Coast representative Capt. Buddy Bradham on October 26th at 4 p.m. in Clearwater.

RFA members and soon-to-be members are invited to join Capt. Buddy for a lively discussion on some of the new ideas the Gulf Council has for our fish and fishermen, including inter-sector trading (so we can buy back our opportunity to fish from commercial leaseholders in the future) or how dual-permitted boats will get to fish year-round (a legal loophole that forces private anglers off the water while a group of hand-selected professionals gets to fish whenever they choose.)

Capt. Buddy Bradham is one of dozens of RFA activists throughout the country fighting to stem the attack against your right to fish, and as RFA’s Florida West Coast Representative he is holding this particular seminar to help you better understand how twisted fishery management is taking more and more of our fisheries away. In his years on the water, Capt. Buddy has done it all, from commercial fishing to charter/headboat operator, a marine biologist and a dedicated defender of America’s right to fish.

Join the discussion, and share your views with Capt. Buddy and fellow Gulf anglers.

When: Saturday, October 26,2013
Where: Fat Cat Tavern in Tri-Cities Plaza
16080 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL
Time: 4:00 PM

Capt. Buddy hopes to have a seminar like this every couple of months to discuss issues coming up in the Gulf Council meetings and give you a chance to give him input to use as he testifies before the Council for the RFA.

Logo courtesy Recreational Fishing Alliance

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