This week on Gun Guy Radio, Jake Challand and Greg Bakken of the Tactical Paradise Podcast discuss whether the gun rights industry is up to the task of updating its image and its approach to promoting its cause as the nature of popular media evolves from traditional print and television to online and on demand formats.  Greg points out that, “I think that something needs to change in that we do need to be doing new alternatives to grow the next generation as it relates to gun rights.”

In contrasting the ways that prior generations have consumed media versus the way the up and coming generations obtain their information, Jake notes that cable television, newspapers and magazines are no longer the primary sources of knowledge.  These have been replaced by on demand television from a variety of sources, social media, and blogs and podcasts.  How is the gun rights movement going to adapt to this changing culture? What will second amendment supporters do to recruit a new generation of like-minded individuals?  Jake notes the importance of dealing with these issues now.  “These are questions that we have to answer now because if we wait it might be too late.”

Some players in the gun industry have embraced online and non-traditional media, others, particularly in the outdoor television industry have either ignored the new media or are at least late to the game.  This is true despite the fact that even traditional television media in the sports and recreation industry have embraced podcasting and other new media.

So, what is the best way to bring in new firearms enthusiasts?  While the gun and outdoors industry must evolve in promoting its products and beliefs, according to Greg, “It’s important for everyone to take people shooting.”

Paul Levy from Brownell’s is back this week to discuss the Magpul Mbus Pro all steel sights.  These sights are corrosion resistant, and fully adjustable for both elevation and windage.  The rear sight has a dual aperture that allows for both night sighting and for sighting at targets over 200 meters away.  The sights set up in the same plane as a standard AR-15 iron sight, which also allows users to set up their optic to co-witness with the Mbus Pro.

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