LaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, introduces the compact version of their successful full-size Trigger Tyme training pistol. The subcompact size is approximate to several popular models such as the S&W Shield and the Springfield Armory XD-S single stack 9mm pistols. The size of the new Trigger Tyme pistol is a perfect fit for individuals with a smaller grip, youths or individuals practicing concealed carry skills. The Trigger Tyme pistol helps to train proper gun safety, sight alignment and trigger control.

The 5.5 lb. approximate simulated trigger pull has a take-up and break action just like a real firearm but the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme pistols cannot accept or fire real ammunition. The Trigger Tyme compact pistol uses the LaserLyte LT-PRO (not included with Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol) with a sound activated switch that indicates where the bullet impacts with a red laser dot. It extends no more than .25 inches from the muzzle of the Trigger Tyme pistol thus allowing for training from a holster, concealment or close quarters. The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol is a perfect companion training tool with any of the LaserLyte Laser Target Trainers.

The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol gets sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits. For more information, visit

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol (LT-TTC) Specifications:

Weight: 10.50 ounces/.297 kg
Length: 6.00 inch/15.24 cm
Width: 1.00 inch/2.54 cm
Height: 4.75 inch/12.06 cm
Material: High Impact ABS Plastic
MSRP: $49.95

Image courtesy LaserLyte

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