Why lug around a pack big enough to carry the kitchen sink unless you need it? The Timber Hawk Rut Buster is ideally sized for late season hunting – providing plenty of room without the bulkiness that would otherwise unbalance the load and cause discomfort. This makes the Timber Hawk Rut Buster perfect for late season trips, when you’re pursuing a wily old buck or bull that has survived the rut.

As the mercury drops in the late season, hunters need a pack that can handle and organize the gear needed most in the field like extra clothing layers, rain gear, a bone saw, gloves and more. The Timber Hawk Rut Buster boasts 1,700 cubic inches of storage – more than enough capacity to carry all your technical gear. The main compartment features a divider sleeve where you can easily slip in a Timber Hawk hydration reservoir. Of course, this bladder is truly unique thanks to its innovative zip-lock design, which lets you turn it inside out for cleaning, as well as an insulated hose to prevent freeze-ups – which can be a problem for late season hunters.

The Timber Hawk Rut Buster features two other handy storage compartments. One keeps smaller items like knives, flashlights and hand warmers separated and easy to find. The other includes several mesh pockets so you can see your gear without unzipping each one. In addition, all outer main pockets feature oversized zipper pulls for easy opening with gloved fingers, which again makes the Rut Buster the perfect “late-season” pack. Ultra quiet twill fabric and fleece lining, coupled with Realtree APX or Kryptek Highlander camo, ensure the Timber Hawk Rut Buster will never give away your position.

Another handy storage component included with the Rut Buster is the removable camo pouch that fits on either shoulder strap. It’s perfect for stashing a phone or GPS, where your device will be protected yet always within reach. The pack’s hip belt features zippered pockets on both left and right sides, and its unique hide-away design allows the belt to be tucked away when not in use.

The Timber Hawk Rut Buster also includes the unique Hawkeye Bino System, which allows a hunter to keep his optics on him at all times, and stabilize them when in use. After connecting the straps to your binoculars, simply clip the loose ends to the corresponding buckles sewn into the pack’s shoulder straps for instant, hassle-free access to your optics. If there’s a chance for a quick shot, the optics fall perfectly out of the way and do not hinder movement, whether shouldering a rifle or drawing a bow. There’s no elastic involved, which makes for ultimate glassing stability while reducing arm fatigue.

Image courtesy Timber Hawk

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