After the rut, bucks turn their attention from does to food. The bucks are tired and hungry, and rebuilding their fat reserves in preparation for the coldest winter months is essential. As bucks change their behavior, hunters must change their tactics accordingly. This time of the year, food lures become especially effective at drawing hungry bucks into range. Lures designed to peek a buck’s curiosity work post-rut as well. To take advantage of this change in behavior, Tink’s has developed the most effective curiosity and food lures for post-rut hunting.

#1 Doe-P Deer Lure: One of Tink’s most effective post-rut lures, #1 Doe-P Deer Lure is ideal for attracting both bucks and does. #1 Doe-P® Deer Lure comes in a 1-oz easy-to-use squirt-top bottle, ideal for use with Tink’s Scent Bombs® or in the new Hot Shot® spray can.

#1 Doe-P Deer Lure is 100% doe urine, which simulates the smell of a new doe when applied to any area. The distinctive smell drives curious deer to check out the new doe in the neighborhood.

Trophy Buck Lure: Trophy Buck Lure is the ultimate post-rut buck lure. Like #1 Doe-P® Deer Lure, Trophy Buck Lure works as a curiosity lure during the rut.

This product contains 100% natural rutting-buck urine collected from dominate bucks. The rutting odor of a buck induces a territorial challenge to other bucks and provokes the dominate buck to seek out the submissive buck.

Trophy Buck Lure comes in an easy-to-use squirt-top bottle, which works great with Tink’s Scent Bombs and it also comes in the new Hot Shot spray can.

Tink's Hot Shot Sweet Weed Food Attractant
Tink’s Hot Shot Sweet Weed Food Attractant

Hot Shot Sweet Weed Food Attractant: The Hot Shot® Sweet Weed Food Attractant is the equivalent of having a food plot in a can. This product has a super-sweet smell that aggressively attracts deer, without the hassle of lugging bait in and around the woods. Simply point and spray.

The 3-oz. spray bottle is easy to use and the quiet spray mechanism won’t spook deer.

The powerful, fine spray mist works at any range and sprays at any angle — even upside down.

Salad Dressin’ Vegetation Spray: The sweet-tasting Salad Dressin’ Vegetation Spray makes any vegetation palatable to deer. The honeysuckle blend in Salad Dressin’ Vegetation Spray is the sweet temptation that post-rut bucks find impossible to resist.

Strategic spraying of Salad Dressin’ Vegetation Spray creates feeding patterns in areas deer don’t normally travel.

Salad Dressin’ Vegetation Spray comes in a 32-oz spray bottle, and crystallizes when sprayed on foliage. This crystallization lasts over a week.

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