New Hampshire’s 2013 moose season wrapped up on Sunday, October 27. While hunters have until close of business today to register their moose at N.H. Fish and Game headquarters or regional offices, preliminary figures show that 179 hunters succeeded in taking their moose during the 9-day season. With a total of 281 permits issued, this represents a statewide success rate of 64%. That turns out to be exactly the same as last year’s overall success rate. The breakdown for the harvest this year was 97 bulls (54%) and 82 cows (46%). Final season results will be available upon completion of registration data entry and analysis.

After a somewhat slow start on opening weekend, hunters began seeing more moose after a cold snap midweek, according to Fish and Game moose biologist Kristine Rines. By the close of the nine-day season on October 27, results for the overall hunt were virtually identical to last year’s.

Around the state this year, preliminary numbers show moose hunters having a 74% success rate in the Connecticut Lakes Region; 87% in the North Region; 81% in the White Mountain Region; 47% in the Central Region; 40% in the Southwest Region; and 25% in the Southeast Region.

Participants reported on some interesting adventures as they brought their harvested moose in to biologists at regional check stations. Tyler Rich of Lyme Center, N.H., heard some unforgettable sounds as he got his cow in Dorchester after listening to her being courted by a pair of bulls. Donald Dubois of North Haverhill, N.H., had entered the lottery every year since it began and finally was drawn this year; he had the satisfaction of taking a big bull in Pittsburg. Check out a growing gallery of photos and stories from this year’s successful New Hampshire moose hunters at

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In all, more than 13,000 people entered the moose hunt lottery for a chance to win a permit for the New Hampshire moose hunt. About 85 percent of the permits went to New Hampshire residents. The odds of winning a moose permit in the lottery are among the best in the nation, about 1 in 35 for New Hampshire residents and 1 in 121 for nonresidents.

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