The Holy Grail for most whitetail hunters is that magical time of the season when the dominant bucks are on their feet and make mistakes that we, as hunters, can capitalize on.  We try to time our hunts where we have the best chances in each state to hit the rut head on.  On this week’s show, we hit three states during this “prime” time of year, Illinois, Alabama, and Georgia.

Backwoods Life co-host Woody Sullivan starts off bow hunting with Buck Chasers Lodge in Illinois where the bucks are up and moving.  He has a close encounter with a very unique old bruiser of a buck.

“Illinois is crazy during the right time of November; the big bucks are moving, heck ALL of the bucks are moving.  It’s an amazing thing to see”, says Sullivan.

Next is the Alabama rut, where Backwoods Bonehead member, Scott Cooper, has his Elite bow ready as well.  Scott is hunting along the Alabama River where you never know what may walk by when the bucks are cruising for does.

Last, co-host Kevin Knighton and his dad, Gerrod, are in Georgia for the Buck Daze charity hunt.  This hunt hits the Southwest Georgia rut head on and they have some big bucks roaming in early December.  The weather is a battle but that doesn’t stop them from staying hard after these southern studs.

“The Buck Daze hunt is a great time for a great cause.  It hits the rut about right on in that part of the state and I also look forward to taking my dad each year.  We have a great time for sure!” says Knighton.

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