With more than 80 World and National Championships and 35 years of combined shooting experience Randi Rogers and Julie Golob have learned how to stay focused on the range. In this week’s episode of Gun Girl Radio, host Randi Rogers talks about her own mental training basics, training skills and at range regimen. Julie Golob was not able to make the show in person but provided many additional notes and thoughts on the mental part of the competitive shooting skill set.

Both Randi and Julie based much of their personal mental training practices on the teachings of Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management System. The discussion of the mental part of their shooting games starts with a basic overview of the system and what “training your mental game” really means.

From a discussion of the different areas of the mental game, Randi then goes on to explain her real life drills and practices for training the mental part of her game. From practicing the skills to complete a stage, eliminating mental distractions, to having a good self image; the mental game takes work.

To wrap up the discussion Randi and Julie both weigh in on what to do at the range to be ready when the buzzer goes off. Listen as Randi shares her own experiences of managing her own mental game over the past five weeks as she has competed in IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC National Championships. From winning to losing and everything in between- how do you keep yourself mentally focused and ready to shoot?

Listen to the entire episode at www.gungirlradio.com/029/ or subscribe to the show on iTunes. Have questions for Randi or Julie? Email them to ladies@gungirlradio.com.

Image courtesy Gun Girl Radio

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