It’s time for a hard look in the mirror and the application of intellectual honesty. Given the recent shooting of a 13 year old boy who was holding a toy gun, as well as other instances, we need to ask ourselves, does modern police training teach officers to instinctively shoot anyone holding a gun, regardless of intent?

In our Slave State News we found a 500 page book to help explain NJ Gun Laws and we consider the gestapo tactics on display in Washington D.C. Our Student of the Week asks for advice regarding being a  CCW permit holder when pulled over by the police.

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2 thoughts on “This Week on Student of the Gun Radio – Police Training, Kill People Holding Guns?

  1. Were you there when the 13-year old holding the toy gun was shot? Did you see how realistic the AK-47 replica he was holding looked? Have you ever been in law enforcement and had your life threatened? This is an idiotic article.

  2. I see both side to this. A police officer can encounter crazies that can be a danger and they must act accordingly. NOW, for the flipside and what I believe to be the reason for this article .
    What is scary is if our government goes off the deep end (which is where it is headed) and sends officials in to kick in the doors of American citizens for whatever reason be it gun confiscation or what have you , is WHY people get upset over this issue.
    So ,NO …I do not believe this article to be idiotic. History will prove this to be true, too bad were are unable to learn from it. I am sure when this had happened in other counties there were the nay sayers then too, just like our friend below. 🙂

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