The American Gunsmithing Institute, producers of the most authoritative instructional gunsmithing DVD courses, and also the Nation’s Premier Gunsmithing School, offers the most comprehensive list of Technical Manual & Armorer’s Courses available. With 58 separate DVD courses, there is something for almost every firearm enthusiast.

Each Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course starts with a brief history of each particular firearm. In most cases, the featured Master Gunsmith will use an exclusive factory cutaway to explain in detail the design of the feeding and locking mechanisms, the trigger system, proper ejection and every other function of that specific model of firearm, including views of the intricate internal workings not normally visible. After the viewer has a complete understanding of the design and function, AGI shows step-by-step, complete disassembly and reassembly, then teaches the viewer basic troubleshooting and repairs at an Armorer’s level. AGI also discloses what parts should never be removed.

Scott D. Aronstein, Marketing Manager for High Standard Manufacturing Company, Inc., comments on the Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course DVD AGI shot for his company. “The video includes excellent historical, instructional and informative information. We feel that this piece will assist gunsmiths, consumers and collectors well into the future. As part of our employee orientation, the AGI High Standard video will be included as informational material.”

Aronstein continues, “[Master Gunsmith] Bob Dunlap’s insight into the entire product line, including current and obsolete models, and the relationship between them, is invaluable information for the viewer. Projects like AGI’s [Armorer Courses] will help shooting sports survive in a time of negative publicity. Firearm ownership of the future depends on education today!”

A full list of AGI’s 58 Technical Manual & Armorer’s Courses can be found by visiting: Call 1-800-797-0867 for more information. All AGI Technical Manual & Armorer’s Courses are backed by the AGI “Risk Free” 1 Year – 100% “Bulletproof Guarantee.” If for any reason you are not satisfied with any AGI DVD or product purchased directly from AGI, you may return it for a full refund (less shipping) for one full year. Defective DVDs also replaced for up to one year. The only question we’ll ask is: “How did we fail you?”

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