Exreme shooter Patrick Flanigan continues to push the limits in his abilities by breaking yet another world record for speed shooting. Firing 12 rounds in 1.297 seconds through a non-modified shotgun, beat the previous world record, also held by Flanigan, of 12 rounds in 1.442 seconds. Continually improving his abilities and breaking records, sometimes on accident, Flanigan currently holds 8 world records and he isn’t done yet, not by a long shot.

While filming clips for Flanigan’s new 2014 promo video, Patrick spent time filming one of his signature Charcoal Shots where a piece of charcoal is thrown into the air and shot 12-13 times before the still intact charcoal hits the ground. On his fourth attempt Patrick realized he had ran a strand of shots that felt to be the quickest he has ever dumped 12 rounds and he was not mistaken. Patrick and his production crew reviewed the video footage and PACT XP Speed Timer to find an amazing 12 rounds fired in 1.297 seconds with a non-modified shotgun and bettering his current world record of 12 rounds fired in 1.442 seconds with a Winchester SX3 Flanigun.

While his previous record mentions the model of firearm used, Patrick chose to leave out the name of the shotgun used to break the latest speed record. However the actual shotgun will be disclosed in his upcoming promotional video where footage of the new speed shooting world record can be seen for the first time.

“At this time I am not disclosing which shotgun was used as I have no contractual obligation to any specific shotgun manufacturer and I have been shooting a variety of different shotguns in performances and while filming.” Said Flanigan “But the footage will be on my 2014 promotional video and the shotgun will be shown there.”

While viewers will need to tune in to the Patrick Flanigan 2014 promotional video to see which standard semi-auto shotgun was capable of accomplishing the incredible feat of firing one round per tenth of a second, provided is a photo that was taken of the documented time on the PACT Timer.

The Patrick Flanigan 2014 Promotional Video is set to be released in November. For additional information and to see this world renowned shooting exhibit in person, go to www.patrickflanigan.com.

Image courtesy Patrick Flanigan Shooting

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