While kids are out in costume for Halloween, Jim and Trav are gearing up for waterfowl hunting. This week the boys will focus on some old school tips and tricks from the great duck man Wade Bourne, outdoor writer Eric Mathes, as well as Hook and Hunt TV’s Jim Crowley. Plus, a predator hunting report from Coyote Craze founder, Geoff Nemnich!  Tune In this week for more!

Waterfowling Mistakes – Wade Bourne

Wade Bourne has one of the most recognizable voices in the outdoor industry. You can find his expertise on display in print, on the radio and on television. This week Wade is joining Jim and Trav to talk waterfowl, but more specifically the most common mistakes waterfowlers are making in the field and his tips and advice to correct them.

Running Traffic  – Jim Crowley

Jim Crowley of Hook and Hunt TV and Hook and Hunt Radio is an avid outdoorsman and prolific waterfowler.  He talks strategy with Jim and Trav and how to go about running traffic on ducks and geese. He’ll also drop some pointers on choosing the right location, concealment, decoys, calling and more.

Specklebelly Hunting – Eric Mathes

Few waterfowl are warier than the specklebelly goose, which can make harvesting them, consistently all season long, a challenge. Eric Mathes lays out a game plan from location, to setup and calling to help entice the cagey specklebelly into range. Check it out this week and check out Eric Mathes here.

Predator Report – Geoff Nemnich

Geoff Nemnich is a predator hunting pro and the founder of  Coyote Craze. Tune in to the Revolution through the fall and winter for regular predator reports from a seasoned pro. This week Geoff talks about where you should be hunting right now and also about his 5 year old predator protégé who harvested his first coyote.

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