The process of precisely sighting in a firearm scope can be lengthy, expensive, and tedious. With AccuScope’s apps for smart phones, gone are the days of wasted time, unnecessary ammunition expense, and frustrating guesswork sighting in a firearm scope on a rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, or shotgun.

Visit AccuScope’s website at for more information or watch how AccuScope transforms manual sight in procedure to electronic sight in at

AccuScope, a sight in tool to easily and accurately sight in a firearm scope has released 2 apps for smart phone users. Whether used for initial sight-in or in the field adjustments, AccuScope will get you zeroed in. Anyone that uses scopes for hunting, police departments, shooting ranges, or military duty can benefit from saving rounds and rounds of costly ammo while honing their shooting range skills.

AccuScope is available in two versions, Basic and Premium. The Basic version is designed for 1/4 MOA scopes, and the Premium version designed for all scopes, standard MOA, metric, or Milrad.  With the Premium version the user can use any combination of metric of standard distances, MOA, Metric, or Milrad adjusting scopes to accurately determine the number of adjustments clicks to sight in a scope.

For those without a smart phone or those that prefer a convenient durable slide chart style model visit AccuScope’s website.  There is no need for a boresighter if you can get on the target at 25 yards!

Apps are available now at Apple’s I-Tune App Store

Blackberry’s App World

Android Apps.
Standard and Premium

Image courtesy AccuScope

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