The Safariland Training Group receives positive feedback as their Train the Trainer Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder course becomes increasingly popular with each training session. The program, that was launched earlier this year, trains school educators and administrators on how to respond during an armed intruder situation. Attendees are walking away with a greater understanding of what they can do to save lives before the police arrive.

“I was assigned to attend this class by my school district,” said a Montana teacher who recently attended the training course. “I’m usually a pacifist and thought this course would be just a big shoot ‘em up […] kind of training. But, after taking this class, I’ve realized that this training class is about saving lives.”

A training course specifically designed to address the needs of educators and school administrators, the Train the Trainer Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder course has become a growing trend for schools to attend in order to ensure their staff is well-prepared against those seeking to do harm. The curriculum focuses on active shooter profiles, equipment/techniques and police response. During the course, attendees become immersed in hands-on training from a team of highly-experienced instructors, who are current or former law enforcement officers, and who bring real-world experience and expertise to the training. Attendees are not required to have any specialized skills or expertise prior to attending the course. Each person will learn how to improve their current lockdown procedures and how to prepare their classrooms in advance. According to Sandy Wall, Director, The Safariland Training Group, “Overall, it is an empowering experience to protect classrooms and school faculty; our goal is to inform and enable each student to do just that.”

“We’re not trying to create a bunch of ninja teachers, that’s not really the concept,” said course attendee, Missoula County Sheriff’s Department Captain Brad Giffin. “In the current training scenarios, in our school systems and in some of our large buildings and businesses, people look at the lock-down as the save-all solution. Well, it’s not. We’re giving you the tools to make the most of the time you have before police arrive, during the traditional lockdown period.”

The Train the Trainer Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder course is hands-on and is taught in a classroom setting with role-playing activities. With practical exercises and scenario-based training, attendees learn critical thinking/reactionary skills and how to increase safety in an effort to save lives. One of the key benefits of this course is that it prepares attendees, such as school administrators, to directly train their staff.

With a current focus on the educational industry, this course is also available to any public organization ready to learn how to respond to an armed intruder.
The cost of the Train the Trainer Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder 8-hour course is $195. For more information on this course, please visit:

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