Today Argo released several new options for its world-renowned extreme-terrain personal utility vehicles to suit hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo pattern, Sure Grip gun rack, canvas soft top for the XT series, 8-wheel trailer, heavy duty track systems, utility box and Universal Mounting System (UMS) add to the versatility, carrying capacity and safety of Argo’s recreational amphibious vehicles.

“Our innovation begins with customer requests,” says Bernhard Wagenknecht, VP Sales & Marketing, Argo. “Everything we develop has to meet the Argo standards of safety and reliability.”

Argo’s ability to go where no other UTV can follow has won it praise from operators worldwide. With full 6- or 8-wheel drive, webbed tires and amphibious capabilities, Argo can swim, climb and crawl its way over hills, and through ponds, snow and bog. In an Argo, outdoor enthusiasts can follow their spirit of adventure without worrying about the environmental impact of their activities or whether or not they’ll make it home.

Argo meets customer demands

For 2014, Argo has added to its wide variety of vehicle options to meet customer demand.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo is now available on all Argo models. It features unprecedented depth and is the first pattern ever that you can actually look into much the same way you look into the woods. Although best suited for moose and deer hunting add an outboard motor and Argo can become a fishing boat. Argo vehicles also outperform traditional UTVs, transporting waterfowl hunters and gear to their duck blinds. Its amphibious capabilities give Argo a duck-like aptitude for water. Its webbed tires propel outdoor enthusiasts through ponds, small lakes and even flooded areas where boats with outboard motors might get stuck in weeds.

In keeping with Argo’s reputation for comfort and safety, it now offers a Sure Grip gun rack for most Argo models. The Sure Grip gun rack ensures safe transportation of weapons to the best hunting grounds. Argo’s gun rack assembly is designed to fit securely on the vehicle and carry any type of gun safely.

Customers can now equip their XTI and XTD models with a new canvas soft top and windshield (without the requirement of ROPS). The soft top comes with a scratch-resistant, acrylic, fold-down windshield to protect passengers from the elements. Other new Argo options include a debris screen to protect the engine from small objects (cattails, grass, mud) and a hood scoop on all Frontier models for increased ventilation and a sporty new look. All Argo models can be equipped with a hood fan to cool down the engine compartment when operating in extreme hot weather.

Since the Argo was introduced, hunters have raved about Argo’s carrying capabilities. Now, with the new 8-wheel trailer attachment, they can carry home an even bigger prize. Built using the Argo 8×8 HDi body, this amphibious trailer adds additional towing capacity to all Argo models. The trailer has a load capacity of up to 1,400 lbs. (635 kg) and customers can choose between 24” (610 mm) tires and optional tracks or 25” (635 mm) tires, depending upon their application.

Argo has partnered with Wilcox Bodies Ltd. and now offers an HD weather proof custom utility box on the XT and Centaur models. Constructed of aluminum checker plate, the utility box features stainless steel T-locks, a fixed shelf and an optional slide-out drawer.

Argo gets you there and back — safely

For people whose hobbies take them up hills, through snow, over muskeg or through flooded areas, Argo is a dream machine. Argo’s celebrated reliability makes it ideal transportation to remote hunting camps and fishing spots. For Argo owners, maintenance is minimal, and a new optional automatic chain lubrication system from Lincoln will reduce maintenance time even further. The system provides 5 seconds of chain lubricant for every 15 minutes of driving time.

In the city, getting stuck is an inconvenience. In the wilderness, it can mean the difference between life and death. Argo’s optional track systems are designed to keep it moving. Adding tracks to the Argo makes the vehicle even more agile in deep mud, muskeg, bog or deep snow. Argo’s 18” (457 mm) rubber track system is designed to work with its extreme-terrain tires, so you can get home from anywhere. For all XT models, optional HD enhanced rubber tires and HD reinforced steel rims resist ruptures and bends. With their unique rectangular profile, the turf tires also provide more surface area to grip the tracks and the ground.

Argo’s light footprint pleases environmentalists

Even with its ability to carry heavy loads of supplies and people, Argo has a light footprint. Argo extreme-terrain vehicles are engineered to tread considerably lighter than a person’s footstep.

With ground pressure as low as 2.00 psi, Argos will cross fragile terrain with no lasting impact on vegetation and substrates. With optional tracks, the ground pressure at full payload can be as low as 0.67 psi.

Operators will “do no harm” in this green machine. Unlike most UTVs where the engine is exposed to the elements, Argo’s vacuum-formed body will contain any engine or mechanical fluids. This design eliminates the risk of contaminating the area. Furthermore, the design and placement of the exhaust and electrical systems eliminate the risk of a fire hazard when travelling through dry vegetation.

Argo add-ons increase safety and versatility

With its new Universal Mounting System (UMS), Argo lets owners safely add tools, cargo and other attachments to their vehicles. “We load in. Other vehicles load on,” says Wagenknecht. Argo engineered the UMS to provide maximum stability. Renowned for its safety, Argo boasts today’s best Static Stability Factor. In fact, research shows that a traditional UTV with the same equipment is up to four times more likely to roll over than an Argo.

Argo has also partnered with world-renowned manufacturers such as Lincoln Electric and Chicago Pneumatic recommending add-on solutions such as hydraulic power packs, generators, compressors and welders. With the UMS, adding and changing these attachments is simple and safe and turns the unit into a mobile power pack.

Image courtesy Argo

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