BriteLyt Revolutionizes the Liquid Fueled Lantern with the Debut of True Multi-Fuel Lantern


BriteLyt Inc, an internationally respected manufacturer of Liquid Fueled Lanterns, proudly announces the debut of a new era in liquid fueled lanterns with the introduction of the re-engineered 500CP Multi-Fuel Lantern. It’s unique ability to burn multiple fuels has already made it an instant success with consumers and governments the World over.

“It has taken well over 3 years to re-develop the technology in order to offer our customer’s something that truly updates the Liquid Fueled Lantern Industry,” said BriteLyt CEO Cris Peterson. “The ability for consumers and worldwide agencies to Light, Heat and Cook is just the beginning. We made the decision to start from scratch and design a lantern that wasn’t a throw-away. Rather, this lantern represents a large undertaking to look at the existing technology, fix every problem we could find and in the process increase its efficiency and user interfaces. It’s truly a thing of beauty and utility; a product that was developed over 100 years ago, re-engineered for the modern world.”

The new BriteLyt 500CP’s internationally patented and patent pending technologies not only bring an added level of safety to consumers but also provides a lantern that burns 50% to 75% brighter than its competition while burning longer and at lower pressures. The new 500CP also offers users the unique ability to heat with its optional heating adapter with an impressive 9,500 to 20,500 BTU output. In addition to its heating capabilities user can opt to purchase the EZ-Cook adapter which allows users to cook a complete meal right on top of the lantern. The new 500CP is also proud to boast that it is compatible with many of today’s Bio Fuels making it a great Green alternative to Kerosene only lanterns.

The new BriteLyt 500CP is available now at and at various outdoor expo’s and events internationally and throughout the United States.

About BriteLyt 500CP Multi-Fuel Lantern

  • Burns on Multiple Fuels including Bio-Fuels (See Manual)
  • Lights faster and burn more efficiently
  • Up to 25 hours of burn time on one tank (or more depending on fuel and usage level)
  • Constructed of solid brass with high-end plating options
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 6.75″ / 40.64 cm. x 17.15 cm.
  • Weight: 6 LBS / 2.72 KG
  • MSRP $199
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