Exotic Island Hunt Continues this Week on The Boddington Experience


This week on The Boddington Experience, Craig Boddington and his friend continue an intense hunt in the Republic of Philippines – specifically the Island of Luzon – searching for unusual sub-species of common animals. Their trackers help them find three unique species that are nothing like their cousins in other parts of the world: the Philippine bearded horny pig, a water buffalo and a forest buffalo. Tune in to The Boddington Experience, exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Saturday, November 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

“You don’t hear much about hunting in the Philippines and there is a reason for that,” said Boddington. “There is only one island in the Republic you can hunt and there is only one outfitter on that island.”

Boddington, his guest, their trackers and guide are hunting on private land in the scorching heat. They first track a bearded Philippine horny pig, which is a sub-species of the bearded pigs of Asia. Next, they track a water buffalo that looks nothing like the water buffalo of Africa or Australia. “We believe this particular genetic was brought over from India. You don’t see this species anywhere else,” said Boddington. And lastly, they find a forest buffalo, which is half the size of a water buffalo with short, curved horns, but twice as mean.

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