Larson Electronics Releases Remote Control LED Golight


Leading manufacturer and supplier of high grade lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced today the release of a new LED Golight with camouflage finish for hunting, military and security applications. The GL-31814 LED Golight Stryker produces 2,500 lumens of intense light output and features LED lighting technology and weatherproof construction with a tough camouflage exterior pattern.

The GL-31814 LED Golight Stryker LED Spotlight from Larson Electronics is a powerful remote control LED spotlight that takes the performance and versatility of Golights and enhances it with LED lighting technology and a durable camouflage finish. This LED Golight provides higher light quality and efficiency than standard halogen Golights with a 6.5 million candlepower rating while pulling 36 watts at 3 amps compared to the 6.5 million rating and 65 watts at 5 amps power consumption of halogen units. This more efficient operation combined with higher beam quality means no more yellowish beam coloring, better detail rendering at long distances, and less drain on batteries when running from a vehicles electrical system. The LED light assembly has a 60,000 hour operational life, giving this spotlight unmatched reliability and the ability to run for several years without any need for bulb replacements. This Golight is remote controlled, with a built in motor assembly and wireless dash mount remote control that allows the user to control on/off, up/down and side to side movement from inside the vehicle. The internal components are constructed from corrosion resistant materials for high durability and automotive grade gears and motor assembly for long life. The GL-31814 is designed for permanent mounting, with a locking base plate which attaches to flat surfaces via screws and locks into the base of the Golight for solid and secure installation. This high power hunting spotlight is designed to operate with 12 VDC current, making it ideal for use on vehicles, boats and ATVs which most commonly provide this current. Wiring for this spotlight is simple, with a single 1 foot lead with stripped ends that users simply splice into existing power connections. This LED spotlight is more durable, provides better quality light output, and is far more efficient than standard halogen spotlights, and with its tough camouflage finish is ideal for hunting, military, security and law enforcement applications where operators demand the most reliable and powerful spotlighting solutions available.

“This camouflage LED spotlight gives predator hunters 360 degrees of rotation and 140 degrees of tilt in a compact form factor that can be positioned with a wireless dash mount remote,” said Robert Bresnahan with Larson Electronics “With high vibration resistance, wireless remote control, and small form factor, the GL-31814 remote control LED light is ideal for hogs, coyotes and other predator hunting applications.”

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