Series of Digital Gun Guides Gets New Edition – Firearms Guide 4th Edition!


California publishing company Impressum Media Inc. has just published the new edition of it’s popular digital series of gun guides for PC and Mac – Firearms Guide 4th Edition.

Published on a computer searchable double-layered DVD for PC and Mac, Firearms Guide 4th Edition uses 9GB DVD capacity to the maximum. On just one DVD it presents over 57,000 guns, air guns and ammo from 630 manufacturers worldwide.  It also contains a huge gun schematics library of over 4,300 printable hi-resolution gun schematics (exploded views or parts break down diagrams) with parts lists from 360 manufacturers. All schematics are zoom able on your screen and printable, which is a great value for any gunsmith or gun enthusiast.

On the 4th Edition, the Firearms Guide team has made a special effort to presents hundreds of the most important historic civilian and military guns used in every conflict or war from the 18th-21st century.  Now it presents guns from all sides of the European pre-WWI wars, American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam war and others, turning Firearms Guide 4th Edition into an extensive guide for historic firearms.

The advantages of a digital gun guide such as Firearms Guide 4th Edition over standard print publications are many. Great search ability with up to 14 search criteria, instant search results, great visual presentation of guns with up to 12 hi-res pictures per gun, a long list of features, extensiveness of models from early black powder guns to the most modern tactical guns, schematics library, interlinking of guns and ammo sections, and much more.

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