Sonic Boom Exploding Targets Announces New Packaging


To the retailer and consumer, Sonic Boom Exploding Targets is becoming one of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry- a name that delivers the safest, loudest and largest explosion and adds excitement to the shooting experience. Sonic Boom’s new packaging is designed to enhance the quality, value and brand awareness of the Sonic Boom product line.

Sonic Boom consumer-focused packaging- singles, 4-packs, bulk targets are carefully and creatively designed to meet the merchandising and display needs of retailer and shooting customers as well as to increase efficiencies in handling.

Sonic Boom’s goal is to stimulate the experiences that are uniquely shooting specific. Using carefully developed graphics, the designs communicate great experience and great quality. The high quality graphics showcase both the Rimfire and Rifle targets reflecting the energizing enjoyment of Sonic Boom Exploding Targets, adding color and sinister excitement to the target category.

Sonic Boom’s focus on consumer-oriented packaging includes: black, smoked-filled packaging for all rifle targets and red, smoke-filled packaging for all rimfire targets, along with the all-new 1#, 4-Pack Rife Targets. This was all accomplished to make it easier for the retailer to create exciting displays that attract the consumer.

“Our aim is to create a “Sonic Boom sensation” with our packaging,” says Sonic Boom’s Co-Owner Jeremy Knuth. “Our design process starts with understanding the consumer. “Consumers buy with their eyes so our packaging is designed to showcase the overall quality and effectiveness of our exploding targets.”

Among the new packaging Sonic Boom is introducing, they also have developed and designed a freestanding Point of Purchase display unit, which holds four cases of product. “This is the perfect solution for those retailers/dealers that have limited shelf space,” says Co-Owner Brent Michels. “We’ve had the POP display for a couple months now and the reception and overall sales of this display has been overwhelming, we cannot be happier with our decision to roll this out.” This self-contained POP is designed with an interchangeable Header Card so in-store marketing efforts can be developed with retailers. Each unit comes with enough products to fill each individual shelf and each unit is shipped flat and easily set-up within minutes.

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