‘Living Ready’ Focuses on Winter Disaster Preparedness in New Issue


Snow, icy roads and cold-to-the-bone temperatures make winter the most brutal season for many parts of the country, which means being prepared for the unexpected is even more pertinent. With its focus on potential cold-weather emergencies, Living Ready’s latest issue – which hits newsstands November 5 makes winter preparedness a top priority.

Living Ready is the go-to guide for all things preparedness and there’s no shortage of invaluable winter tips in this latest issue. The Living Ready edit staff delivers a “Cold-Weather Preparedness” special section that will educate readers on the importance of planning ahead on the road, at home and in the garden. Commuters and road trippers should pay special attention to David Draper’s “Master Defensive Driving Skills for Winter Roads,” in which the director of the Bridgestone Winter Driving School offers important tips on driving safely in snow and ice. “The Wrong Turn” by Chad Love shares one family’s cautionary tale of embarking on winter travel unprepared after getting lost driving in the Siskiyou National Forest. The article includes a practical “Winter Driving Checklist” to help readers equip vehicles for any unexpected event.

The special section continues with the basics of generators, all-natural remedies to enhance the immune system and best-selling author Creek Stewart’s suggestions for creating candles and small-scale heating solutions from common household items. Those who pick up the issue can also look forward to sustainability expert Stacy Harris’ step-by-step guide to building an earthen oven, advice for carrying knives and an in-depth guide to purchasing pre-packaged food for long term survival. Readers will regain a sense of calm after arming themselves with the winter preparedness knowledge shared in the latest issue of Living Ready.

Pick up your copy of Living Ready’s winter issue for all this and more on newsstands everywhere November 5.

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