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Chad Ritter and Andy Morgan Seek Revenge on Some Wiley Whitetails

This week on The Hit List presented by Moultrie, Chad Ritter is sucking up his losses in an effort to finish the deal on a big mature buck. Not far away, good friend Andy Morgan continues to fight Illinois as he awaits the arrival of a shooter of his own.

Nobody ever said fooling four-, five- and six-year-old whitetails was easy. In order to complete this year’s hit list the crew is having to dig deep and fight through the frustrations that every bowhunter can be plagued with. Learning from these events and adjusting is what The Hit List team does best.

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About The Hit List presented by Moultrie: Watch the stories of four vibrant personalities unfold as they devote their efforts and passions into pin-pointing trophy deer across the United States. The work doesn’t stop from the time food plots go in till the arrow exits the rest. Watch as they formulate strategies based on information fed to them from their game cameras provided by Moultrie. Join the personalities of Gerald Swindle, Andy Morgan, Chad Ritter and Branch Warren as they endure the headaches, the heartbreaks, the strategies, the desires, all for the passion of the ultimate reward…checking one off of the hit list.

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