The Newest Online Hunter Safety Course: Hunter Ed Course


Hunter Ed Course is the new and improved online hunter education course formerly known as the Outdoor Roadmap online hunters safety course.  By migrating the course to Hunter Ed Course the brand becomes more descriptive of exactly what is being offered to the consumer.

This new online hunters safety training is available at and features a strong graphic look that conveys the professionalism of the new Hunter Ed Course with its concise easy-to-learn content.

Hunter Ed Course has made a conscious effort to eliminate one barrier to becoming a hunter, and that is the cost to earn hunter education certification via a narrated online hunter education course. Hunter Ed Course provides:

  • New concise content with a smoother flow for easier learning
  • The course can be customized for specific state laws
  • Lowest cost online narrated course at $13 – almost half the cost of other options
  • IHEA-USA compliant, accepted in all 50 states and currently used by 10 states

“Going online was great. I’ve had so many chances to hunt but never did I because I didn’t want to go to a hunter education class. Doing it all online has made me a first-time hunter at age 30.” said Reece Roskey from Texas.

HunterEdCourse.comfeatures quick telegraphic graphics so a prospective hunter can quickly understand how to become certified and be ready to hunt.

The home page contains information for both students and instructors featuring three easy steps to certification. Individual state landing pages are also live on the web and can be found with this URL:[insert state name] The state name changes in each URL for copy specific to that state.

Hunter Ed Course is supported by extensive SEO and SEM campaigns. These marketing efforts help to attract the new prospective hunter since they can be easily trained to start enjoying the sport.

Surveys with early users of the course indicate that over 90% of users would recommend the course to others.

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