Turnbull Manufacturing has launched the next phase of our ongoing expansion of products and services with online 1911 engraving selections for new pistols at www.turnbullmfg.com. It has been our goal throughout the year to continue to roll out new products and services on a regular basis.

Newest is the addition of the 1911 engraving section on the Turnbull web site, allowing the customer to see the approximate cost and the area of engraving coverage available as they order their Turnbull 1911 pistol. The photo above is the right side view of our 50 percent coverage option, which follows the general style of early 20th century Colt pistol engraver Rudolph Kornbrath.

“One of our proudest accomplishments is our reputation for fine engraving on 1911 pistols,” noted CEO Doug Turnbull on the newest Turnbull service, “The engraving section on our web site allows us to open this service up to Turnbull 1911 customers coast to coast.”

The preset engraving options are available in 3 coverages and patterns as shown on the web site- 25, 50 and 75 percent. There is also a custom engraving service that allows the customer to either select from a photo gallery or send in a photo of a preferred style to get a custom quote.

Option A at 25 percent coverage is adorned with classic American scroll ornament. Splashes of elegant scrollwork on the tops and sides of the slide, and select areas of the frame enhance the clean lines of the 1911 pistol without obscuring them, providing a subtle decorative touch under our classic charcoal blue finish. Option A  provides the discriminating gun buyer a way to set their 1911 apart from the crowd with an additional cost of $500.

Options B and C offer 50 and 75 percent coverage respectively. The unique style of hand engraving is derived from early 20th century Colt 1911s engraved by Rudolph Kornbrath. The detailed arabesque elements near the slide serrations are in a Germanic style that Kornbrath sometimes used on 1911s, while the more open vine and leaf elements are derived from Belgian engraving styles often found on Browning firearms. This combination of styles provides a striking visual element to the pistol. Option B is an additional $1,000 and Option C an additional 1,500.

Turnbull pointed to the pricing listed on the web site, “One of the key factors in designing these patterns was being able to stick to our commitment to the 1911 design from the WWI era, and still being able to do the work at a reasonable cost to the customer. I am confident that our designs are the perfect balance.”

The engraving is available when ordering the new Turnbull 1911 pistols (including our Heritage and Wild Bunch models) that are also part of our ongoing expansion of new products and services in 2013.

Image courtesy Turnbull Manufacturing

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