This Week on Gun Guy Radio – Sci-Fi Guns


Guns and movies are a great combination and the popularity of guns is often directly influenced by an appearance in a particular movie. An entire online database of the appearance of guns in movies – – has become popular within the firearms enthusiast community.

This week on Gun Guy Radio the panel discusses guns in movies, but not the traditional ones.  Instead, Jake, Mike Emmert (Firearms Insider), Hank Hockey (Firearms Radio Network Director of Sales), Reed Snyder (the AR-15 Podcast), Brad West (Chief Technology Officer of the Firearms Radio Network) discuss their favorite guns from Sci-Fi movies.

From the Mare’s Leg used in Serenity to the Desert Eagles used in The Matrix to the fictional guns used in The Fifth Element, gun guys have long been fascinated by the use of firearms in the movies.  The guys reminisce about some classic sci-fi movies and the guns used in them like Aliens and Blade Runner and discuss their favorite sci-fi guns.  They even discuss the prop houses and the ability to purchase the movie guns after shooting has wrapped.

The product spotlight brings everyone back to earth and Paul Levy tells Jake about Brownell’s 9mm AR15 Colt-style magazines.  These are all steel construction – including the follower, with a bolt hold open tab, and a Xylan coated body.  These magazines can be fully disassembled for easy maintenance and cleaning.  Also, these magazines and other products featured on the product spotlight will now be the prizes in a new monthly giveaway that is taking the place of the smaller weekly gift card giveaway.

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