Doug Koenig Championship Season Presents Bugling Bull Elk in Wyoming – Part Two


The hunt continues in South Central Wyoming as both Doug Koenig and high power rifle champion Carl Bernosky put the sneak on a herd of grazing antelope and elk. But now its Doug’s turn to pursue his lifetime dream of hunting elk with a crossbow and as the last day of the hunt draws to an end, conditions shift.

Doug and his guide continue to spot and stalk through the rugged back country. A sudden change in the wind blows their cover, but Doug presses on up the mountain as bugling elk can be heard in the distance. Physically and mentally spent after hours climbing up the steep canyon, an opportunity presents itself and Doug sets up his TenPoint crossbow in a thick area.

With just a few hours left of daylight, a curious bugling bull elk comes in at 10 yards setting Doug up for a chance to thread the needle with his crossbow. See for yourself what happens next as Doug Koenig Championship Season part two concludes with a heart-pounding confrontation.

Looking back on the hunt, Koenig commented, “I’ve been fortunate to have won numerous world-class shooting championships, but this elk hunt exceeded those experiences. This was a trip of a lifetime; I’ll never forget the sights and sounds of the bugling elk in Wyoming.”

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, a hunting and shooting based show returns for a second season on Pursuit Channel after experiencing an overwhelming success in its debut season. Designed for the entire family, each week Doug invites you to share his hunting and outdoor experiences. Along the way, he’ll provide successful tips to improve your outdoor adventure to create a memory.

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