FAB DEFENSE introduces TacticSkin Slide Covers for Nine Glock Models


FAB DEFENSE introduces TacticSkin Slide Covers for Glock 17, 22, 31, 37 and Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38.

Handguns in unique ways, to enhance visibility and style, while also improving performance and versatility. They have improved front and rear serrations that enable easier, more secure cocking even while wearing gloves or with cold, wet or sweaty hands. In addition, TacticSkin protects the shooter from barrel and slide heat, and reduces wear and tear on the slide surface.

TacticSkin comes in black, flat dark earth and OD green, to provide a highly customized look to Glock pistols. It can even be custom-painted without requiring a permanent alteration of the pistol, making it a fun accessory for casual and competition shooters.

TacticSkin can be used to identify pistols loaded with less-lethal or training munitions, or to identify friend or foe in force-on-force training.

TacticSkin is made of high-grade, non-slip polymer composite, and is quickly and easily installed and removed, without needing a gunsmith. With TacticSkin installed, Glock pistols will fit into readily available Glock soft textile or leather holsters, or 10mm/45 cal. Glock Kydex or polymer holsters. TacticSkin cannot be used with Glock “C” models.

TacticSkin and hundreds of other high-quality FAB DEFENSE weapon accessories are distributed in the USA by The Mako Group. See them all at www.themakogroup.com, or ask for them at your favorite gun dealer.

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