This Week on Shooting USA – End of Trail 2013


It’s the annual gathering of the Single Action Shooting Society for good times in the Old West tradition, where dressing up is as important as the guns. Single action pistol, lever action rifle, and shotgun are all in the game at End of Trail.

Plus, can Cowboy Action Shooting attract today’s video game youth? We’ll find out with the saga of Gunslinger Jesse, when we match up a 14 year old with one of the original founders of SASS. More Info…

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Shooting’s First Family

The Miculeks
The Miculeks

Meet the Miculeks, the first family of shooting. Jerry and Kay welcome their daughter Lena to the range for some friendly competition. Head-to-head shoot-offs, with three of the best. Then we sit down with Jerry and Kay to talk about Lena, competition, and their shooting legacy. Plus Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton, is skipping round balls.

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