Larson Electronics Releases LED Bar Clamp Mount Hunting Spotlight


Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful new LED spotlight designed to mount to the rails, cages and roll tubes commonly found on marine vessels and all terrain hunting vehicles. The BCML-LED-21S Bar Clamp Mount Spotlight features high output and efficiency, bar clamp mounting with manual operating post handle, and produces an intense light beam capable of reaching 600 feet in length.

The BCML-LED-21S LED bar clamp mount spotlight from Larson Electronics is an ideal lighting solution for hunters, outdoorsmen, military, and law enforcement professionals who desire a powerful spotlight that can be easily operated while providing high power output and rugged durability. Designed to be mounted to the railings, tubes and cages commonly found on ATV’s and marine craft, this LED spotlight features a bar clamp secured post mount that operates similarly to the standard spotlights commonly used on police patrol cars and professional security vehicles. Users can for example attach this spotlight to a side railing or frame using the bar clamp, then operate movement of the lamp while sitting inside the vehicle using the handle equipped post. The LED lamp is IP67 rated waterproof and designed to withstand rugged and demanding use with an aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens. The LED lamp assembly is highly resistant to damage from impacts and vibrations and produces a total of 1,750 lumens of intense light output. The beam produced by this LED spotlight is very tight and resembles the beam pattern produced by an HID lamp, with a tight focus and little spread or spillage. The beam is rated to 575 feet of reach and can extend beyond that distance in good conditions. This high power LED spotlight provides a host of advantages over standard halogen spotlights including a 50,000 hour operational life, low 21 watts @1.6 amps power consumption, ability to run directly from any voltage from 9 to 42 VDC, better beam and light quality, and the ability to withstand abuse and punishment that would destroy ordinary incandescent lamps in short order. BCML-LED-21S LED bar clamp mount spotlight is an ideal choice for hunters and outdoorsmen who want a powerful hunting spotlight that can stand up to rough use and provides high output while remaining battery friendly with low power consumption.


“This adjustable LED spotlight provides intense light output, high durability, and a 50,000 hour lifespan,” said Robert Bresnahan with Larson Electronics “Combined with the versatile bar clamp mounting system allowing for easy mounting to ATVs and UTVs, the BCML-LED-21S is an ideal fit for hunting and offroad use.”

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