Mack’s Lure Provides Support to “Fathers In The Field”


Promises are meant to be kept. If you intend to keep your promise of bringing home some fish, then you will want to use the Promise Keeper by Mack’s Lure on your next fishing outing. This lure, appropriately named, will be helping the folks who brought it to market keep a pledge their company made to fishermen when it first launched its business many decades ago.

That company is Mack’s Lure, of Wenatchee, Washington. It all started way back in 1969. That’s when the late Vern McPherson first began selling his now world famous Wedding Ring spinners.

Those who knew Vern McPherson and the other members of the McPherson family, valued their great faith, integrity, and innovative spirit. They weren’t worried about being politically correct, but biblically correct. They put God, family, and honor in the forefront of their business. Because of their personal faith and respect for their fellow man, customer service and product development were of the utmost importance. It remains that way today.

“We’ve always strived to maintain the standards originally set by the McPherson family,” says Bob Schmidt, the current president of Mack’s Lure. “Some members of that family are still with us today.”

Schmidt made an announcement today that lends credence to his comments. “Effective immediately,” Schmidt says, “we’re pledging our financial support for the national “Fathers in the Field” program. From now on, a portion of the sales from each Wedding Ring Promise Keeper we sell will be donated to this wonderful and growing program.”

“Those familiar with the Fathers in the Field program,” Schmidt says, “will likely also be familiar with its goals. They are to rekindle and establish the spirit of boys who have been abandoned by their fathers.”

“These boys are to be mentored one-on-one in life skills through outdoor activities, and by sharing a Christian understanding of our heavenly Father’s love and sacrifice for his children. This new program ties right in with our efforts to maintain the standards of operation that have always played such an important role here at Mack’s Lure.”

Readers can find complete details on this highly regarded program on the Internet at

The Mack’s Lure Promise Keeper, has itself attracted the interest of anglers all around the country ever since its introduction some years ago. It embodies many of the fish attracting materials of the famous Wedding Ring, but is a lure that’s designed basically to be cast instead of trolled.

Dr. Jim Grassi, one of Mack’s Lures two Hall of Fame Fisherman (Stan Fagerstrom the other) developed the original Father/Child Fishing Program in 1981. After providing over 225 Father/Child Conferences, his organization transitioned into one of the largest men’s ministries (Men’s Ministry Catalyst) in the country.

Grassi and his ministry totally endorse the Fathers in the Field organization and its leadership. “When Jesus set out to find men to spread the Gospel he picked eight of his twelve disciples who happen to be fishermen.” In his new book The Spiritual Mentor, Grassi explains the similarities between fishermen and fishers of men (disciples). “Fishermen and spiritual mentors share several of the same traits. Both are inquisitive, focused, passionate, persistent, skillful, eager, risk takers, and have great faith. We need to remember that Jesus had a special place in his heart for children (Mt. 7:11& Mt. 19:14).

Today, 41% of kids under eighteen years of age will go to bed without a biological father in the home. We need more mentors.”

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