3GN Regional Championships Land 100 Guns For Prize Tables


3-Gun Nation has reached an agreement with Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS Panther Arms and Para USA, who will be placing 100 firearms on the prize tables for the inaugural 3GN Regional Championships in 2014.

3-Gun Nation announced today that Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS Panther Arms and Para USA will be Match Title Sponsors for the inaugural 3GN Regional Championships in 2014 and will place 100 firearms on the prize tables.

Each company is named a Match Title Sponsor for one of the four respective events. They will put 25 firearms on each prize table—a remarkable sponsorship package that promises to elevate the 3GN Regional Series, presented by Cheaper Than Dirt!,  as “must-shoot” matches in 2014. It is the only major competition series open to all 3GN Members.

The series begins March 1-2 in Clinton, SC, with the Para USA 3GN Southeast Regional Championship. The second match of the series, the Remington 3GN West Regional Championship, takes place in Las Vegas, NV, May 17-18. The series then heads to the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY Aug. 16-17 for the DPMS Panther Arms 3GN Midwest Regional Championship. Finally, the series culminates in Marble Falls, TX at the Bushmaster 3GN Southwest Regional Championship Oct. 11-12.

Semi-Pro, Lady and Junior points races will all take place within these four Regional matches. There is a rule change from 2012: a competitor only needs one score to be ranked nationally, and only a competitor’s top score overall will count toward any points race. Thus, if a competitor shoots one match or all four, only the top score will count towards Semi-Pro, Lady or Junior points races.

3GN Classifier stages will also be part of the mix during all 3GN Regional Series matches, meaning 3GN members have even more to compete for at each match. All Classifier stages will count toward Club Series points races and will be scored as part of the hosting venue’s home club.

With Semi-Pro, Lady, Junior and 3GN Classifiers scored at each 3GN Regional, there is much to compete for in the 3GN Regional Series in 2014. Moreover, for any member just wanting to shoot the matches, with the sponsorship of Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS Panther Arms, and Para USA, the prize tables alone will rival any in the game.

“Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS and Para, with their generous contributions to this new program, have enabled 3GN to launch the 3GN Regional Series on an extremely high note,” said Chad Adams, 3GN Vice President. “With Charles Sole and Tennille Chidester running these events, along with the entire 3GN team, I’m confident these are going to be the very best major matches in the country. And now, thanks to our amazing industry partners, we’re well on our way to backing up great matches with what will be the finest prize tables—per competitor—in all of 3-gun!”

Each 3GN Regional will feature a competitor match fee of $225. With a select field of approximately 200 competitors, plus staff, and a goal of $150K per prize table, that equates to an average of nearly $700 in prizes per competitor. Combined with sponsorship contributions from Stag Arms, Leupold Tactical Optics, Hiperfire Triggers, and Barnes Precision Machine, each 3GN Regional Championship match now has a total of 33 firearms, three complete uppers, 15 trigger units and five scopes. That comes to 56 major prizes per match, so nearly one out of every four competitors will walk away from the prize table with a major prize. Add in Cheaper Than Dirt’s $25K in product certificates per match, along with more sponsorship announcements expected soon, and the 3GN Regional Series momentum is achieving new heights.

For Remington Arms Company, LLC along with its sister companies, this 3GN Regional Championship sponsorship is the latest in a continually-growing commitment to the sport of 3-gun.

“We are proud to be a major part of 3-gun competition, one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing shooting sports today,” said Carlos Martinez, the Senior Brand Manager for Remington Outdoor Company. “Remington is excited to see 3-gun quickly becoming the shooting sport of choice for people of all ages and an increasing number of women as well.”

In 2011, Bushmaster upped its involvement in 3-gun by becoming the title sponsor for the Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun monthly series as well as the annual Bushmaster Tarheel Challenge. Then in 2012, Remington partnered with Tarheel 3-Gun to create a unique four-match, quarterly series in which Remington ammunition and Versa Max shotguns graced the prize tables.

In 2013, following the 3GN Pro Series Qualifier, Team Bushmaster was formed with 3GN Pros Aaron Reed, Rob Tate and Ravin Perry who in their rookie year on the tour have qualified for the final Shoot-Off in Las Vegas, NV.

2013 also marked the advent of the 3GN Club Series, in which Remington played a pivotal role in the launching of that ground-breaking initiative, donating 50 Versa Max shotguns to entice local clubs to get into the game.

Registration for all four 3GN Regional Championships will begin Nov. 28 at https://memberships.3gunnation.com/Members/Register. Currently, only Club Series memberships are available—which does qualify one to register for a 3GN Regional match. Interested competitors are encouraged to have their membership already processed prior to logging on Nov. 28, as registration interest is expected to be high. More information regarding the start time of registration will be soon.


2014 3GN Regional Series

Para USA – 3GN Southeast Regional Championship – March 1, 2 – Clinton, SC

Remington – 3GN West Regional Championship – May 17, 18 – Las Vegas, NV

DPMS Panther Arms – 3GN Midwest Regional Championship – Aug 16, 17 – Park City, KY

Bushmaster – 3GN Southwest Regional Championship – Oct. 11, 12 – Marble Falls, TX

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