When You are Ready for the Shoot of Your Life, Turn to Prograde Safari Grade Rounds


Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability for the Most Dangerous of Game

When you come head to head with the most elusive and dangerous beasts in Africa, you’ll need ammo that will stand up to the challenge.  Look no further than ProGrade Safari Grade Rounds which provide an elite selection of high-performance loads chosen specifically for hunting everything from plains game to dangerous game. Giving you the reliability you’ll need along with the accuracy you’ll depend on, a safari hunter cannot ask for more.  Simply put, if you want peace of mind for when your heart-pounding big moment of truth presents itself, choose ProGrade Safari Grade ammunition.

Whether you’re up for the challenge and thrill of taking down the Big Five or wish to pursue plains game, ProGrade Safari Grade has what you need, offering everything from .30-06 Springfield to .500 Nitro Express. ProGrade experts thoroughly and meticulously studied, analyzed and test-fired hundreds of different rounds in order to narrow the field of ammunition considered for inclusion in the Safari Grade lineup.  The final selection ProGrade offers have all been hand-loaded in the United States with the tightest tolerances in the industry.  This means ProGrade rounds boast the highest levels of safety, accuracy, and reliability.

ProGrade experts understand the hazards involved when taking aim at the likes of Africa’s most dangerous game, and the possibility of doing so when the animal is at full charge. These intense situations require ammo with stopping power that you can count on – and ProGrade Safari Grade ammunition won’t let you down. The ProGrade Safari Grade series feature Barnes X, Banded Solids and Woodleigh Weldcore rounds known as some of the most deadliest and dependable bullets available.  So whether you’re after a 1000-pound male buffalo or a 13,000-pound African Elephant, know that ProGrade has you covered.

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