SOLKOA Presents REAL Military-Grade Survival Kits for Civilians


For several years SOLKOA, Inc. has been quietly producing a huge variety of specialized survival kits for the military and other high-risk organizations and government agencies.

SOLKOA has recently taken their experience and recognized expertise in those venues and is now entering the consumer market with several offerings of civilian survival kits and equipment of which this PSK (Personal Survival Kit) is one.

The PSK provides 28 top-of-the-line U.S. military-grade quality items that can be utilized world-wide for serious real world survival. these kits are highly-recommended for hunters and outdoors people. The PSK comes packed in a clam shell design nylon case with Velcro content retaining straps and an exterior map window.

Some of the high-quality items are: Weatherproof fire tinder & matches, heat reflecting blanket, water filter straw & purification tabs, 4x magnifier, day/night signaling mirror & reflector, luminous compass, mini multi-tool, fishing kit, high-decibel whistle, specialized heavy-duty resealable water carry or water proof bag, and much more as shown in the image.

“You wouldn’t buy a cheap parachute.We don’t include failure-prone junk or compromise quality in our survival product offerings because they must be ready to help save a life.”

–Bart Combs, SOLKOA President.”

PSK Specifications:

  • SIZE: 6″W x 8″L x 2″D
  • WEIGHT: 1 pound
  • MSRP: $98.95–These kits are not cheap novelty items but military-grade+.
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