STORMR Foul-Weather Apparel Now Available in Realtree Max-4


Introducing Realtree camo foul-weather gear designed with the same Neoprene Core Technology used in divers’ wetsuits. STORMR offers a complete lineup of foul-weather gear, available in Realtree Max-4, which provides maximum comfort and maneuverability, as well as huge thermal benefits in a thin, soft, flexible, windproof and waterproof shell. If you hunt, fish in freshwater or salt, or participate in any outdoor activity that requires superior mobility in harsh environments, the Realtree camo STORMR clothing line will help you remain flexible in tough conditions.

STORMR Realtree Bibs
STORMR Realtree Bibs

STORMR products are lined with a soft, comfortable micro-fleece material, which traps warm air between your body and the shell. All seams on STORMR Jackets and Bibs are glued, blind-stitched and then coated with a thermally bonded exterior tape making all of the seams 100% waterproof, not just water-resistant. This construction process is significantly more complicated than that employed on common outerwear, and thereby ensures that STORMR products remain waterproof and windproof even in high winds, driving rain and freezing precipitation.

When you spend time outdoors, there are a wide range of hazards confronting you. When temperatures drop and conditions worsen, the threats to your safety and life increase exponentially.

While STORMR jackets and bibs are not USCG Approved Flotation Devices, when worn together these garments provide nearly 10 pounds of positive buoyancy. Combined with STORMR’s warmth, comfort and impervious construction, this additional safety benefit gives you the edge you need to defy the elements.

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