Apex Gear Presents the New DoubleDown Crossbow String Silencer


APEX GEAR, known for their Performance Driven Archery sights and accessories, is pleased to introduce the NEW DOUBLEDOWN CROSSBOW STRING SILENCER.

The NEW DOUBLEDOWN CROSSBOW STRING SILENCER by APEX GEAR is simply amazing! Playing off the success of the already popular APEX GEAR DOUBLEDOWN STRING SILENCERs created for compound bows, these easy to use crossbow string silencers are specifically engineered for crossbows. The dual arm design offers double the dampening ability.  And most important of all…These crossbow string silencers are quick and easy to install – NO BOW PRESS REQUIRED!  Designed for installation on either the string or cables of the crossbow, the NEW DOUBLEDOWN CROSSBOW STRING SILENCER is a “must have” for any crossbow enthusiast. Available in either black or green.


  • Quick and easy installation – NO BOW PRESS REQUIRED!
  • Engineered specifically for crossbows
  • Dual-arm design for double the dampening
  • Can be installed on string or cables.
  • Available in black or green.

For more information on the NEW! DOUBLEDOWN CROSSBOW STRING SILENCER by APEX GEAR or to view a complete line of their products, please visit www.apex-gear.com.

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