FAB Defense Introduces the GK-MAG Survival Buttstock for AK-47, AKS and AKM Rifles


FAB Defense Introduces the GK-MAG Survival Buttstock for AK-47, AKS and AKM Rifles. FREE 10-round 7.62x39mm polymer magazine included, while the supply lasts.

The FAB GK-MAG, distributed by The Mako Group, is the AK version of the wildly popular FAB GL-MAG buttstock for AR15 rifles that was introduced in 2012. In addition to the free10-round magazine, the new GK-MAG Buttstock can carry any capacity standard AK-47 magazine, (will not accept AK-74 magazines). Magazines are held securely inside the stock by the same mechanisms that secure a magazine to the rifle’s firing system. The stock’s quick-release button instantly places the magazine in hand, ready for loading.

Made of reinforced MIL-SPEC polymer composite, the GK-MAG features a rubber shoulder pad for maximum comfort and control. The shoulder pad is also detachable and interchangeable with the optional FAB MBA (Monopod Buttstock upgrade), which can be purchased separately to provide an enhanced extra-stable shooting platform in prone and bench positions.

Optional FAB MBA (Monopod Buttstock upgrade)
Optional FAB MBA (Monopod Buttstock upgrade)

GK-MAG does not interfere with shoulder to buttstock positioning and even provides an easy-to-reach button/lever mechanism for adjusting stock length to instantly achieve optimum fit for any size shooter.

GK-MAG should be used by anyone owning or using an AK-47, AKS or AKM, who wants to always have at least ten rounds at hand every time they grab their rifle. It eliminates the need to carry bulky, noisy pouches and belt carriers, and makes it easy to have different types of ammo at hand for different scenarios. In human or animal confrontations, when losing may mean dying, having at least 10 extra rounds instantly available in your buttstock could be a life saver.

The GK-MAG has integrated ambidextrous quick-release rear sling swivel connector ports. It fits all MIL-SPEC and commercial buffer tubes, and comes in Black, O.D Green, and Dark Earth.

GK-MAG Buttstocks and hundreds of other high-quality FAB DEFENSE weapon accessories are distributed in the USA by The Mako Group. See them all at www.themakogroup.com.

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