MGM Targets Appoints Fabrication Manager


Donnie Harkins, a veteran welder and fabricator joined MGM Targets‘ fabrication crew in 2011. He has been an integral part of the team, and has accepted the position of fabrication manager. He’ll be moving up from fabrication lead man where he’s been for the last three years, to a member of the facilities management team.

Harkins welding and fabrication experience spans over 30 years. From high school, to four years in the US Navy where he facilitated repairs to Navy vessel hulls, structure and equipment as well as a variety of fabricator and welder rolls elsewhere in his career. Harkins will oversee fabrication safety, quality control and material management/flow for the nation’s largest portable steel target manufacturer based in Caldwell Idaho.

“MGM’s continued growth and production demands fit nicely with Donnie’s vast experience in various types of welding including ferrous and nonferrous metals as well as fabrication involving from sheet metal to heavy equipment. We’re pleased to have Donnie in this role.” said MGM Vice President, Travis Gibson.

Gibson went on to add, “Mr. Harkins is a great fit for the position based on his expertise and experience, but he’s also got a great attitude and shares MGM’s values and goals in all areas. He’s got a great sense of humor which is displayed by a sign he has over his old work station that says, ‘Dopeless hope fiend’ referring to his overcoming a past drug addiction and salvation through Jesus Christ. We are very excited to have him moving up to this position.”

In addition to target fabrication, Mr. Harkins will oversee special project fabrication such as Rappel Training and high angle shooting towers, live fire shoot houses, indoor ranges, pneutronic trailers, target lifters, and other custom targetry.

Harkins lived in Alaska until age 13, has lived in Idaho since 1979, is a single dad with three grown children and a grandson.

MGM Targets is America’s largest portable steel target manufacturer and the preferred firearm training system supplier to US military, law enforcement, and sport shooters around the world.

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